Pet Friendly Manzanita Vacation Rentals near Manzanita Beach


Looking for a beach vacation rental that’s pet friendly? Look no further than Manzanita! Our vacation rentals are the perfect place to bring your furry friend along for a beach vacation. Manzanita is a beautiful beach town on the Oregon Coast. The beach here is dog friendly, so you can enjoy walks along the beach with your pup. There are also plenty of pet friendly restaurants and cafes in town, so you can enjoy a meal with your furry friend by your side.

Our vacation rentals are all located within walking distance of the beach and downtown Manzanita, so you’ll have everything you need right at your doorstep. And our pet friendly rentals are sure to make your furry friend feel right at home. So come and enjoy a beach vacation with your pet in Manzanita! We know you’ll love it here just as much as your furry friend will.

Experience the North Oregon Coast with Your Furry Friend in a Manzanita Dog Friendly Vacation Rental

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Cabin on the Coast (MCA 621)

4 2 10 Manzanita
From $109.00/night

1058 Beach (MCA 59)

2 2 4 Manzanita
From $120.00/night

Beachcombers Paradise (MCA 663)

2 1 4 Manzanita
From $89.00/night

Sea Star #2 (MCA 51 B-GF)

3 2 8 Manzanita
From $109.00/night

Beach Pine Manzanita MCA 1575

4 3 12 Manzanita
From $109.00/night

446 Ocean (MCA 959)

3 2 6 Manzanita
From $90.00/night

Modern Manzanita Retreat

3 2.5 8 Nehalem
From $109.00/night

390 High (MCA 567)

3 2.5 9 Manzanita
From $95.00/night

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the beaches pet-friendly in Manzanita?

Yes! If you go to Manzanita, you’ll see that there’s nearly as many pups on the beach as there are people on any given day. In fact, the entire town is pet-friendly. There are many “poop stations” all over, and the a lot of the businesses make sure to putting out drinking bowls for passing-by dogs.

How far are the rentals from Manzanita Beach?

Most of our homes are within walking distance of Manzanita Beach.